Gibson Custom 2014 SG Standard Reissue with Gold Hardware Electric Guitar Ebony

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The introduction of the remodeled Les Paul models of the early 1960s sought to bolster Gibsons reputation as a quality builder of electric solid body guitars, something the Les Pauls of the late 1950s had failed to do. And although those Les Paul models of the late 1950s would eventually become the worlds most iconic six-stringed instruments, the introduction of the redesigned models in 1961 would also signal an important new era in electric solid body design.Characterized by a much thinner body with two cutaways, pointed horns, beveled edges and no body binding, the new Les Paul failed to achieve the full approval of Les Paul himself, which lead to the removal of Les Pauls name in 1963 in favor of its new name, the SG. A painstaking recreation of the original, the SG Standard Reissue takes you 50 years back in time to a rare and powerful slice of rock history.The SG Standard Reissue stays true to the specs of this iconic instrument. Its distinct features and legendary tone are meticulously remade with all the precision and accuracy expected from Gibson Custom, including its solid mahogany body with twin cutaways, pointed horns, beveled edges and gold har

One-piece rosewood fingerboardsAniline DyeKluson Deluxe machine headsHot Hide Glue Neck FitCustom BuckersHistoric Truss Rod Assembly (no tubing)Accurate fingerboard binding colorGold hardwareIncludes case

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